WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Chain Saw, 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp

Brand Name WORX
Model WG303.1
Rating ★★★★½ 
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The WORX 16-Inch 3.5 HP 14.5 Amp chainsaw is a cut above the rest. The auto-tension system includes a single, oversized knob that secures the bar and chain and maintains proper tension during operation-automatically. The WORX 16-Inch chainsaw also offers gas-free, hassle-free operation. Different from gas-powered chain saws, this electric chain saw doesn’t require you to mix oil and gas or deal with difficult startups.

The WORX 16″ Chainsaw includes a built-in safety chain brake that stops the chain in seconds when improper contact is made, protecting you in the event of kickback. Additionally, a rubber over-molded rear handle and ergonomic full-wrap front handle provide optimum operator control and comfort.

Technical Details

  • Patented tool-free tensioning system prevents over-tightening
  • Built-in chain brake for added safety
  • Automatic oil lubrication and built-in oil reservoir with level indicator
  • Rubberized rear handle for added comfort and grip
  • 3/8″ pitch reduced kickback chain safely improves cutting performance
Technical Specifications
Volts120 V~60 Hz
Power14.5 Amps
Peak Power3.5 Hp
Bar Length16"
Chain Pitch3/8"
Chain Gauge0.50"
Oil Tank6.75 oz
Dry Weight11.0 lbs
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 Customer Reviews

Excellent Saw - A true workhorse
I purchased this saw to use for “weekend warrior” logging and sawmill operations. I have taken down some hardwoods and softwood trees with it. The machine has ample torque, and will run continuously very well. I also use this saw (with a ripping chain) to mill logs into lumber. I have milled up maple, cherry, elm, and ash logs. The saw goes all day long and is ¼ the volume (sound) of a gas saw. I use this chainsaw to mill in my shop as well. No fumes! [This review was collected as part of a promotion.]LumberBear
So easy to start and easy to use!
We bought our Worx 14.5 Amp 16" chain saw in April of this year. My husband is 85 years old and I'm 67. We needed something easy to start and still light enough for us to handle as we cleared brush and small trees off of our 5 acres. It performs beautifully, and it is so easy to use. It oils itself as you use it, and has a simple tension knob to keep the chain just tight enough.Jgiese
Very satisfied
Bought this saw last Spring because of light weight and sale price at Ace. Finally put it to heavy use this Fall. Took out several nasty, twisted, clustered 12-inch and 14-inch maples. Cut and stacked all for firewood. The saw worked beautifully, cut stumps like butter. Automatic oiler never clogged even in the 20 deg weather. I've had both gas and electric saws in the past that were complete nightmares. I'll never go back to gas! Finally, Worx has made a well balanced saw that is quiet and easy to handle. Thank you!Celtic Cowboy
Very Happy With This Saw
I've had this saw less than a year. Got if for light use around the house. A wet Spring here in Texas brought down a huge tree at my sister's house then a bigger (a little over 30" at the base) one at my house. I was only able to spend about 6 hours cutting up the one at my sisters and the saw worked great. Have mostly cut up the one at my house (the one in the pictures) and, again, the saw worked great. I'm sure a more powerful gas saw would have been better for the job, but this is not what I typically need a saw for. So, I'm very pleased that I have an easy to use saw that can handle the occasional big job if it comes up. Much less maintenance than a gas saw, especially since I don't use it frequently. Also, I occasionally rent a 30' lift and trim branches away from the house. I'm a lot more comfortable in that basket with an electric chain saw.

I've had a few gas saws before and ended up having to give up on them. My biggest issue is that I didn't want to spend a lot of money to get a really good one because I just don't plan on using it that much. So, I had to deal with lower quality saws. I see some complaints about difficulty replacing and adjusting the chain on the Worx saw. I can only offer that every saw that I had it took a little time to figure out the tricks to getting the chain on and adjusted. But in each case I did get to where that task became fairly easy. The Worx is no different. Had some difficulty at first but now it's an easy task.

Some of the gas saws I've used are more powerful, but this one is no slouch. For someone like me that wants a saw that is ready to go at any time, can handle an occasional bigger job if needed, and is easy to use this is the perfect saw. (Well, maybe the 18" would be a little more perfect.) I don't think you can find a better gas saw for the money. But to be fair about the cost, I did spend some good money on heavy gage extension cords do that cost should be considered. Even so, I'll still take my Worx over any gas chain saw.TxWorxOwner
A Beast!
I bought this electric chainsaw over a year ago to make log furniture for a cabin I am building. I decided to try it on all of the trees that were downed from the site. NEVER expected it to perform this amazingly well! Me and my son kept this thing busy a full day with absolutely no issues. We finished all of the largest logs in one day. Unbelievable! BTW, we did all of this with one blade (the one that came with the saw) and no sharpening required. I am speechless!

I am blown away with how this chainsaw performed and I would pit it against ANY gas chainsaw!RobP
It actually does what they say it will do.
Great purchase. Saw is a little "work horse," it performs as advertised. Suggest to have an extra blade on hand. Liked it so well, bought a second saw.notentexas
Very nice and powerful for a 16 inch electric saw
This is 1 BIG job this chain saw did a very good job; went right through the large diameter of the 15 year old pine tree. This was seems to work as well as my old powerful gas chain saw I used over 25 years ago.Mikey64
Exactly what I needed!
I'm a homeowner in my 60's with lots of tree cutting in my yard maintenance. Usually 3 to 6 inch limbs, with an occasional 12" tree to cut down. The gas chainsaws have the power, but are really too heavy for me to use for any length of time. The Worx 16" saw is perfect for me. Does the job of a medium duty gas saw with the weight of a little saw. And, it's self oiling & self tensioning so it's super easy to operate. Comes fully assembled. Add oil, plug it in, and GO!bruce668
WorX-14.5 Amp Chainsaw
I reviewed every chainsaw available for home use and this saw was superior in most every category, including price. I purchased my first 14.5 this summer as I had some significant tree falls to clear from our ravine (60 ft. honey locusts and black walnuts). It was more than up to the task. I liked the ergonomics, it was easy to work with, sufficiently light to work with over an extended period, yet very durable. In comparison to the several medium use gas chainsaws I have had it was superior both in performance and dependability. I liked this saw so well I made an additional purchase for our home in Florida....They won't let you take a chainsaw on a plane anymore!Dick N
Great basic chain saw!
Saw arrived as stated by tracking info. Everything intact & ready to use. Cut down two medium size dead oak trees with no problems. Forgot to tighten chain, so it came off as last tree was being cut into pieces. Hadn't realized that the auto chain tension adjustment refers to the method used to adjust chain, not that it tightens itself. Had trouble reinstalling chain, but finally (after reading & following exactly the enclosed instructions) got it back on tight. Contacted tech support by e-mail & got good response. Good basic saw for the money. I recommend it..mygoodjeep

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