Remington RM5118R Rodeo 18-Inch Gas Chainsaw

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If you maintain many acres of land, it can be hard to find a chainsaw that is up to the job. Many saws fall short of expectations when it comes to power, efficiency, and durability. You need a powerful engine to fell trees, and finding one is a necessity when choosing a saw for this task. A more powerful saw is more efficient, reducing your working time and saving you from exhaustion. It may be easy to find a chainsaw with a strong engine, but how long will it last? The Remington RM5118R is the chainsaw to meet your heavy-duty cutting needs at an affordable price, for a durable investment.

Features Of The RM5118R Rodeo

RM5118R RodeoRemington offers some of the most powerful chainsaws available today. With their heavy-duty engines, variety of bar lengths, and selection of electric and gas models, Remington brand is one of the best places to start your chainsaw search. The engine of the Remington RM5118R Rodeo has a cubic capacity on the high range of the chainsaw selection. Its included bar and matching chain set are appropriate for larger-scale cutting work. The design includes features to diminish discomfort from use, creating a safe operating experience. The Remington includes a carrying case for the saw’s body, and a separate case for the chain and bar set.

An Engine For Your Heavy-Duty Requirements

RM5118RMost normal chainsaw engines range from 24cc to 46cc. The Remington has a two-cycle 51cc engine, placing it far above the average chainsaw for power and efficiency. This larger-sized engine is a must if you will be felling trees frequently and in great quantity. Keep in mind that a larger engine will be heavier. The Remington’s complete assembled weight is around 27 lbs.; however, it will work faster on large-scale jobs. Although a smaller engine will be easier to handle, with the reduced efficiency you will get tired easily.

Reviewers loved many things about this chainsaw’s engine, including:
  • The Efficiency – They reported it went through wood 10 times faster than previous saws they had owned.
  • The Idle Feature – You don’t have to worry about restarting the engine if you pause to set the saw down.

Several reviewers disliked the saw’s oil seepage after use. Although reviewers found that excess oil seeped from the saw after use, the manual does forewarn users to expect this.

The Included Bar And Chain Set

The longer a chainsaw’s bar, the more efficient it will be when felling trees and other thick trimming projects. At 18 inches, the Remington’s bar is a good length for most large-scale cutting jobs. Although standard bars tend to measure 16 inches, an 18-inch bar will give you the extra weight and leverage you need to cut through trees.

  • The included bar and chain are perfect for you if most of your work is large-scale and thick. If you fell trees frequently, you will need the extra length of an 18-inch bar.
  • The included bar is not ideal if you do a lot of detail work. Longer bars are not designed for hard-to-reach areas, or complicated hobby trimming.

Remington’s Design And Other Extras

RM5118R SawWith top and rear anti-vibration handles, the Remington is designed to ease the discomfort of wielding a larger and heavier saw. The engine is built with a quick start system, which is slightly different from other chainsaw start procedures. The package also includes chain bar oil and fuel oil, so the buyer needs to add only gasoline.

  • Many users reported that the start system is well designed. They liked the rope-start system and found it reliable.
  • Some users had difficulty with the system because the start procedure is different from other chainsaws. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly, to avoid frustration.

As you’re considering your chainsaw options, the Remington RM5118R Rodeo is a great choice for your heavyweight cutting needs. The Remington will save you time and energy, and is a saw that’s built to last.

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 Customer Reviews

Powerful, Durable, Easy to Start
I am writing this review from the perspective of a heavy use homeowner/light use farmer.

This Remington (MTD) saw came ready to use, save for adjusting the chain and adding fluids. it started up strong and powerful with a lot of room to give. I have noticed that the saw seems to struggle getting through any hard woods (Hickory/Oak) of 15" or bigger, but if you don't dig into the wood it will pull through strong without overheating.

the chain and bar are Oregon. Since I've been using chainsaws, Oregon has established a GREAT name for themselves in the chainsaw market. My bar and chain have made it through an estimated 10 hours of use and are both holding up great, even after being pinched by quite large trees (operator error) twice.

I went ahead and purchased the Walmart warranty that was offered, in addition to the manufacture's warranty, just to be safe.

-------Aditional detail---------
I have owned a small Poulan and a Stihl MS250... both 18" bars. After using a Stihl, I was very skeptical going with any other name brand; however, there is only so many times you can re-build a saw before you have to move on.
If you are used to / enjoy the Stihl chain/bar adjustment setup, this saw is NOT the same, the screw is in the front.... its not bad, and doesn't seem to slip, but the heat from the blade/exhaust is a bit concerning.
This saw is heavy compared to other 18" barsI've used before; however, it doesnt' seem to hurt anything except how long you can hold it up.
Very easy to start, exceptional quality with the electric ignition... does seem to take getting used to... if the saw was used 20 minutes ago, typically i would just yank and go; however, with this saw, you have to continue to follow the intial start up proceedures (setting 1 - 3 pulls, setting 2, then repeat if it doesn't start) unless you're restarting almost immediately. since there's almost no strength or speed required to pull the rope though, this is not a bother, just a learning curve.TheFarmerJoe
Impressive and hardworking
Read many good reviews from various sites but was still a bit skeptical when making this purchase. We needed a hard working chainsaw to temporarily take over for our Husq. Rancher which is out for service from many yrs of hard use. Didn't want to spend a fortune but still wanted a real chainsaw that could handle the heavy work temporarily.
Skeptical no more, we have been very impressed with this rodeo and it's ease of starting (without fail everytime ) and how well its handling the heavy workload. We are using the 40:1 mix from tractor supply, have been using it daily for over a week on small and large trees clearing for a new pasture fenceline. My husband has been very happy with the job its doing, the amount of power it has and starting reliability thus far. It is a bit heavier than our Husq. but is certainly proving itself to be a serious worker and at a third of the cost of a Husq. or Stihl. We also loved that it came with a full carry case included. I certainly don't think you can wrong for the money on this product.
We burned through (and burned up) many similar priced chainsaws that couldnt handle long hard work over the yrs till we got our Husq. so we don't recommend this lightly. Thus far it compares to some of the higher priced big names and is far superior to many in its own price range.texasphilly
Like butter
I have an old Home Lite chainsaw that I was using to chop some large trees that were taken down. It did good on branches but didn't seem to have the will power to cut through the trunks very well.

I bought this Remington chainsaw based on reviews and the decent price. This thing cut through those trees like butter. Some more points below.

- It has decent power but would definitely slow down depending on how much pressure you put on it.

- It is not loud. I needed earplugs for the old Home Lite, but didn't need them for this one.

- I did notice that it kicks back a bit more than my other one, but that may all depend on the type of chain. Nothing to be scared of, but enough to make sure you have a strong grip.

- It usually starts up easily. There was one time that it took a couple cycles of choking and probing to get it going - that was after it sat a few days.

- It comes with a plastic case if you wish to keep it closed up and help protect the chain or people around it.

- It says to tighter the chain after the first 15 minutes of use. I went through about 40 feet of 14" tree trunks and the tightness of the chain didn't change. It was set just right from out of the box.

- You have to turn it on its side to add gas and chain oil. This seemed a bit concerning to me, but it doesn't seem to affect the startup by doing this.

Would I recommend? The best I can say is this is great for someone who needs to get rid of some trees in their yard, or some every now and this. I cannot speak on how well it works for every day tree cutters.Balmart
so far great
we lost 35 trees to ash bores
they were large sons have been taking then down
15 trees so far and the chain saw is still working great
had it for about 2 weeks
still trees to goshamberlee
Powerful Machine!
Great Chain Saw. The only downfall is that it's hard to start. We finally got it started and it did a beautiful job on cutting all of our logs in record timing! It is a powerful saw! We will keep it and use it often.psbm1

Great Chainsaw, cut down 11 Pine Trees 100 ft. tall without a single problem. I would encourage anyone to buy this. Perfect for home owners.davew777
This is a great chainsaw. It started the first time and ran perfect. it can cut nice size branches with no kickback. it comes fully assembled. of course you have to tighten or loosen the chain but it is easy to do. I would absolutely recommend this saw.
So far so good...
This saw is a beast for the price ... walks through wood, due to more teeth on the 18 in chain than my 42 cc pulan - 1 every 1in as opposed to 1 every 2.5 or 3 in. also the grab claw on the side of the bar makes the weight of the saw do most of the work.
Starts very well if the instructions are followed ... (10 pumps on the primer bulb).
and the carry case is huge, plenty of room for a quart of bar oil and tools ( is boxy though). looks like a tackle box with a plastic bar cover stuck out one side).Mike
Poor Product and Company
The saw stopped after about an hour of use. I couldn't restart it, nor could I get the engine to crank when I attempted to pull the starter rope. I called Remington and they directed me to take the machine to an authorized service center, which I did. The next week, the service center called me and told me the engine was seized, was non-repairable, and that the fault was "improper fuel/oil mix." Well, this simply wasn't true. When I mixed the fuel, I used a 1-gal container (standard red polyethylene), filled it with 1.002gal of new, mid-grade, non-alcohol gas, and added the entire 3.2 oz container of fuel oil that had come with the machine. This was exactly per instructions (and, I'm not new to chainsaws or 2-cycle engines, having grown up on a farm and used them since I was a boy). I rejected the diagnosis (or at least the alleged cause of the failure) and called Remington to see what they would do. I talked to three different persons, working my way up the chain as best I could. The bottom line is that, even though I mixed the fuel/oil correctly, using the oil they provided in the retail package, Reminton refused to do anything at all. Fortunately, I bought this hunk of junk with an American Express card, and they have a purchase protection plan which reimbursed me. Lesson learned. A product is only as good as the company behind it. Remington is one of the many MTD brands. I'm done with MTD - ever. Last week I went out and replaced it with an Echo.blemon
Self destructed after 3 months. BEWARE
I only managed to get about a cord and a half / 3 1/2 months use out of this saw before it catastrophically failed in the middle of a cut. Let me get the disclaimer out of the way that I know how to use a saw, had the correct fuel oil ratio, and used the saw sparingly and let it rest a lot.

Took the saw to the Remingtons certified warranty shop and about every major internal component had failed, badly. Scored cylinder, broken brake band, another critical spring broken that somehow killed the clutch. I don't have the tech sheet but its language to that effect.

Initially the shop wasn't even going to warranty the saw even though it was well within Remingtons 2 years, but eventually they did and I'll be receiving a new one.

Considering the light use the saw received and that many people have saws for 10 years and cut tons of wood I would say STAY AWAY FROM THIS SAW

Like me you may be attracted by the powerful engine and nice standard features. If you absolutely need to have it, purchase it from Walmart and get the 4 year protection plan. Then once it fries and I bet it will, you should be able to exchange it.

I'm not enough of a tech to tell you if my saw was a fluke or if the saw is flawed, but I have a strong feeling the 51cc engine is too powerful for the other components, causing above average heat build up and its consequences.MajorSparks

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