Poulan Pro PP5020AV Gas Powered Chainsaw

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Brand Name Poulan Pro
Model 966055201
Rating ★★★¾☆ 
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The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is the perfect chainsaw for heavy duty landscaping chores to assist homeowners in all their do-it-yourself projects to make their lawn look the best it ever has. Poulan Pro is a leading chainsaw brand that has some of the best prices in the industry.

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV has the best features in a chainsaw including:

  • DuraLife Engine, which is proven to give your Poulan Pro PP5020AV a longer product life.
  • A super clean air filter system. This air filter system will give your air filter a longer product life and assists your Poulan Pro PP5020AV in producing cleaner fumes.
  • Effortless starting system. Chainsaw operators can get easily frustrated on a job when they have to pull the chainsaw multiple times to get it started. The effortless starting system gets the Poulan Pro PP5020AV started on the first pull.
  • Reduced vibrating handle. Having a reduced vibrating handle makes operating a Poulan Pro PP5020AV comfortable and gentle on the body. Having a reduced vibrating handle also cuts down on user fatigue.
  • Automatic chain oiler. No more manually having to oil chains on the Poulan Pro PP5020AV. The automatic chain oiler keeps the chain working at its best.
  • Includes its own carrying case and on board locking scrench holder.

Cylinder displacement50 cc
"Super Clean" engineYes
StarterEPS: Effortless Pull Starting
Chain brake systemInertia
Oil pump typeAutomatic
Handle typeReduced Vibe/ Soft Grip
Bar length20 "
Chain tensioningScrew
Homeowner Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty
Fully AssembledYes

The Poulan Pro PP5020AV has mixed reviews from its users. Some have described purchasing a chainsaw as difficult because often people tend to develop a brand loyalty for chainsaws. However, the list of users that tried this chainsaw is quite extensive and has created a list of pros and cons about it.

Many users were impressed with the Poulan Pro PP5020AV’s contribution to cutting emissions to help the environment. Others were impressed with how heavy duty the product was and could handle even the thickest woods. They enjoyed how the clutch cover controlled the wood chips from flying at random. Many of the users enjoy its ergonomic design to prevent pain and fatigue allowing more stamina to get the job done with less breaks.

Some of the cons about the Poulan Pro PP5020AV were the customer service in repairing a non-working unit. Other complaints included the saw cutting out in heavy cuts and stalling.

Overall, the Poulan Pro PP5020AV is a powerful tool, which impresses its users with its ergonomic design that is simple to operate for even the largest landscaping jobs. The easy start up saves frustration of having to start the chainsaw and keeps running comfortably while cutting like butter. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is a fan favorite that has seldom-bad reviews, which could be chalked up to not understanding the proper operation. So, if you are looking for a chainsaw for heavy-duty jobs or even do-it-yourself home landscaping projects. The Poulan Pro PP5020AV is not only simple to operate, but simple to oil and maintain for the perfect cut and satisfaction every time.

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 Customer Reviews

great chainsaw
Ordered on line, which was easy. Received delivery sooner than expected, which was very nice as it came on spouses birthday. He really likes it a lot, using it every day, as we have a lot of trees to clear out in order to run fence around 12 acres. We think Poulan is the best and the size is perfect.HOSSER
Cuts like a hot knife through butter
The chain was everything I wanted and a bit more. The 20" bar will handle any jobs around my home and clean up a lot of overgrown areas I wanted to cut back and reclaim. Just surprised they didn't include a bottle of bar/chain oil to get you up and running. It works great and starts easily. I highly recommend it to anyone. The Poulan name is great.Ninetygrainer
Good price
Plenty of power.easy to start when cool. Tricky like all when hot.Lvkds
Big bang for small bucks
I've owned Poulan 18" Wild Things for years, very dependable saws. the only problem is being a little under powered. I decided to buy a Pouland Pro PP5020 a 20" saw. I was amazed at the power this one delivers. This saw is easy to service and also very dependable. I'm a Poulan user for life and would recommend it to anyone.ToneLoco
Poulan Pro
The Poulan Pro I am replacing with this new one cut over 50 trees since 2010 so I am confident this one will last me many more years. We had a severe drought in 2011 and had in excess of 30 trees we had to cut down at the lake house between me and 3-4 neighbors.LakeLimestone
It worked well for takeing trees down in the yard.
Starting is a pain, you have to prime it, yank on it with the choke on full till it sounds like it will start then go to half choke and yank some more. Once running it works well, I cut through maple trees up to nineteen inches in diameter with little effort.TreelessinOhio
Need carb needle tool !
Looks good and handles well.
I've had it now for a few months and the only complaint I have with it is, when I first started it. It would not stay running. Had to adjust low end on the carb but was not easy with out a special tool for the carb needles. After about 2 tanks brake in had to adjust high end needle. Now runs great !Bob O
Not good so far
I got around to cranking it today. Was hard to start. After getting it running and letting it warm up several minutes, I tried to speed it up. It would always choke down and shut off. After restarting 10 or 15 times, I was too tired to keep pulling. I think the carburetor (?) needs to be adjusted. I used to do that myself, but now a days nothing I have in my tools will fit the adjustment screws. I guess it will have to go to the shop. I haven't even cut a log yet!Stewart
Not satisfied at this time.
I purchased this chain saw online. Once I received it I prepared to use it. It started up and smoked really bad. I thought it was due to it being new. It kept stalling. Then it idled high. I finally cut a branch off it stalled again. I called the Poulan Dealer direct. They advised me that the Carb needed to be adjusted. It's at the poulan authorized service dealer now. I hope that will solve the problem. If not it's going back.Satchcarp
Never purchase a Poulan product again
My wife purchased a poulon pro 20 inch chainsaw for me last August 2016… It's been in the shop for repairs more than it's been home for work… In fact, I've never been able to use it! It was bad out of the box, throwing oil everywhere, in the shop three times for months, and it is still in the shop for repair under warranty (2yr). Now the closest authorized repair facility - 25+ miles away - is holding my chainsaw hostage and requesting that I pay for the warranty work. In the meantime, I am still relying on my 14" Stihl and newly purchased Echo 16" chainsaws which are both great products... Will not purchase Poulan or Poulan Pro again. Stihl beats them all!Big Don

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