Makita Commercial-Grade Electric Chain Saw


The Makita UC4030A electric saw is among the best brands in the market today. An electric saw is used by homeowners and landscapers to especially cut down unwanted trees. It is also used by lumbermen to cut down trees they need for their job. The electric saw will help these people to cut down the trees at a fast rate and effectively with ease.

The Makita UC4030A is an electric chain saw that has been designed with several awesome features. It has a large oil reservoir that ensures less refilling of oils sessions. There is also a window used to check the level of oil in the saw. This ensures that oil is changed and refilled in time. Since this equipment is quite big and used while it is held by the hand, it requires a comfortable handle. Makita has ensured that this saw has rubberized grip handles that can comfortably accommodate the hand even when used for a long time non-stop.

It is easy to maintain as it has a tool-less blade. The chain adjustments are simple to allow smooth operation. There is a large switch that is trigger-like to ensure that you have a good grip of it as you start the saw. The switch also has a soft start to allow an easy and smooth start-up. The UC4030A model of Makita electric saws has a self-adjusting power when it is overloaded. This aspect is aided by the fact that there is an inbuilt current limiter that protects the motor from burn-out. Makita UC4030A has an automatic chain oiler that oils the chain when it is performing heavy, non-stop cutting tasks. The operator is protected as the saw is well insulated.

Makita UC4030A electric chain saw also has its disadvantages. It is a power tool therefore can easily cause a fatal accident. It is advisable to read and understand carefully the saw manual to avoid mishandling it. Children should be prevented from using the saw at all costs. Makita UC4030A is relatively expensive and this fact keeps some potential customers away.

In conclusion, this chain saw is the best for your domestic wood needs as you have seen. Although it has some disadvantages, the advantages are more. Ensure that you get the Makita UC4030A electric chain saw today and enjoy preparing your wood with ease.