WORX JawSaw 5 Amp Electric Chainsaw

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Brand Name Worx
Model WG307
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Powerful, easy to use and built for safety, the JawSaw from Worx is electric, so there's no gasoline, no fumes and no hassle. This electric jaw chainsaw features an automatic oiler that provides constant lubrication to both the bar and chain. You can make cuts directly on the ground without fear of kickback or damage to the chain. No more bending over and propping up wood to make the cuts - just put the JawSaw on the wood and push down to extend the bar and make the cut. The auto-tension feature is an easy-to-use chain replacement and tensioning system, with just one bolt on the JawSaw's body that does it all. In contrast, most standard chainsaws require two separate tools to replace and tension the chain or replace the bar. The JawSaw's patented chain tensioning system also prevents over-tightening by automatically determining the proper tension, so you can focus on getting the job done right.

WORX JawSaw 5 Amp Electric ChainsawWORX JawSaw 5 Amp Electric ChainsawWORX JawSaw 5 Amp Electric ChainsawWORX JawSaw 5 Amp Electric ChainsawWORX JawSaw 5 Amp Electric Chainsaw
WORX JawSaw 5 Amp Electric Chainsaw
Fully-enclosed bar and chain provides unrivaled user safety
Patented auto-tension system sets the proper tension for you
Steel teeth hold work in place while cutting for greater stability
Blade housing allows for safe & easy cutting directly on the ground
Automatic chain oiler with oil level indicator helps extend the life of your bar & chain
Jawsaw debris and pruning chain saw.Ergonomic configuration.Scissor cut action limits dangerous kickback.You're Getting (1) - Jaw
Saw (1) - Chainsaw chain (1) - Chainsaw bar (1) - Oil bottler (1) - Bar & chain oil (1) - Spanner wrench
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 Customer Reviews

love it
I saw a commercial about the Jaw Saw and was skeptical. Yet I still went ahead and bought JawSaw 5.0 Amp 6-inch Electric Chainsaw It works exactly as described. I tested it on a nice size oak tree and others on my lot I did not cut the JawSaw any slack at all. I cut limbs that barley fit into the opening without even slowing down. There is plenty of power. I can’t even count the number of cuts that I made and the blade is still sharp. It is so safe i cut the limbs on the ground into little pieces for 30 minutes or so. The only issues that I had was some small debris stuck behind the blade but was easy to clean out. It would be nice to have a better way to open the chain cover without a tool. I also had the chain come off on me one time but it only took me two minutes to figure it out and put it back on without any instructions. I would suggest this product to a friend. I also Bought the Extension for hard to reach. This Is for me and my 63 year old father to use around the house. i would love to see how the other products would work.Mikey Lords
I am using the JawSaw to take out a long row of overgrown hedges. I previously bought a regular chainsaw but it was too heavy and hard to start - I had to take it back. The Jawsaw is perfect! No starting up issues - just plug it in! It's fairly light. I can push it in around the branch I want to cut and push in the handle and it's done. I was even able to do the large bases that completely filled the mouth of the Jawsaw - it cut right through them. I did have the chain come off once - it was pretty simple to get the chain out, just two things to unscrew. I got the chain back on and it back together fast and it hasn't come off since. I'm down to the last of the hedges and I plan to trim my trees next. Absolutely awesome tool. Zero maintenance. Love it. Would buy it again in a heartbeat.chult
Very helpful
We have a very long driveway lined with over 100 azalea bushes. Over the years a lot of trees and bushes grew up behind and in between and are now threatening to choke them out. We have many hours ahead of us clearing all that out without destroying the azaleas. This tool is perfect for cutting bushes or limbs too big for pruning tools. My husband was hesitant when I wanted to buy it but after the first few cuts he saw its value and he LOVES it.Ruth3lovestosew

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