TriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for Chainsaws

Brand Name Trilink Saw Chain
Model FW001TL2
Rating ★★★★★ 
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TriLink's 5" Felling Wedge is an essential tool in the directional felling of a tree and preventing bucking or pinching of your chainsaw. To correctly and safely fell a tree cut the notch for the control fall in the direction you want the tree to fall. On the reverse side, approximately 2" above the control notch, begin your back cut. As needed, place your felling wedge into the back cut to prevent the tree from pinching the guide bar and chain. Do not cut through the trunk, allow approximately 2" between the back cut and control fall notch. The angled gripping spikes will securely hold the felling wedge in place. TriLink's felling wedge is a bright yellow color for maximum visibility in the field. The 5" felling wedge easily fits into most tool belts and chainsaw cases. DO NOT use the felling wedge for splitting wood; doing so can result in bodily harm.

TriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for ChainsawsTriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for ChainsawsTriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for ChainsawsTriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for ChainsawsTriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for ChainsawsTriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for Chainsaws
TriLink 5-inch Felling Wedge for Chainsaws
• Designed to prevent chainsaw bar pinching while cutting • 5" design is perfect for professionals or Do-It-Yourself Homeowners • For use with directional felling of trees • Bright yellow plastic design for maximum visibility • Angled gripping spikes to securely hold in place while cutting • Easily fits in tool belts and chainsaw cases • NOT for use when splitting wood • Eye and Ear protection required while in use

 Customer Reviews

Helps immensely
We have been clearing trees on our property and really needed this. It is a huge help because it makes the difference between a correct tree fall and a potential accident. It is durable and very easy to use. If you are planning on cutting down some large trees, then it is definitely worth getting this felling wedge.Inamagura
We'll see in 2 months
To be real, it's not tree felling season yet, so use of this new TriLink felling wedge is yet to come. Between my neighbors to the left and right, we have 3 chainsaws (Husqvarna, STIHL and a Poulan) and a big forest as our backyards, but we are not lumberjacks by any definition… just guys annually teaming up on late fall weekends to cull, trim, cut and split for next year's evening fires. We've used ropes, wedges and levers to make the correct fall and this looks like a useful addition. Not as thick as some of our wedges can get, but it is the typical hard plastic with anti-slip dogs or claws, seemingly helpful for smaller trees. Not sure what to say about a piece of plastic, but you have to have one or three of these. This is the tool for the guy with the smaller Poulan who bucks and trims. We clear only dead and dying timber, to make room for new growth, so some trees are quite big and unsteady. We'll still use cross fells and ropes and such for those. But to avoid clutching and pinching while bucking, get yourself some wedges, and this seems as good as any. I won't know until I knick it a couple of months from now with my Husqvarna, but better I ruin a $6 piece of plastic than my bar and chain.WarmInCLE
Heavy duty tree falling wedge
We really like this wedge it did exactly what we needed it to do. This is made very well and is a nice bright color which makes it easy to find if it drops on the ground. The top side of this has outward grooves which makes it stay in place and not slip backwards. I recommend this to anyone wanting to cut some trees down!LisaMarie

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