Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw , 18 inch - 14.0 Amp

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Brand Name Sun Joe
Model SWJ701E
Rating ★★★★½ 
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A CUT ABOVE THE REST. The Sun Joe SWJ701E 18-inch 14-amp electric chain saw combines power, performance and precision into one easy-to-use, reliable cutting tool. Featuring a self-lubricating 18-inch Oregon cutting bar and chain, your chain saw can easily saw through the most stubborn tree limbs, up to 17-inches thick!PREMIUM POWER. Packed with a powerful 14-amp motor that starts instantly with the push of a button, the Sun Joe SWJ701E makes quick work out of thick limbs, firewood, logs and branches. Powered electrically, the eco-friendly Sun Joe SWJ701E performs reliably without having to mess with gas or oil or pollute the environment with toxic hydrocarbon emissions.OPTIMAL PERFORMANCE Getting the job done is easy with the Sun Joe SWJ701E. Its lightweight design (only 9.7 lbs) and adjustable ergonomic handle work together to maximize comfort and minimize fatigue during use. Safety features include a hand guard with kickback brake and a switch to prevent accidental starting.

Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw , 18 inch - 14.0 AmpSun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw , 18 inch - 14.0 Amp
Sun Joe SWJ701E Electric Chain Saw , 18 inch - 14.0 Amp
Best use: limbs, firewood and logs
Powerful 14-amp motor tackles tough cutting jobs18-inch self-lubricating Oregon bar and chain
Hand guard with kickback brake function
Lightweight design with ergonomic handle maximizes user comfort
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 Customer Reviews

Great electric saw
I attached this saw to my portable saw mill and it cut up several board feet of lumber from logs on my property. It did amazing and never had any issues. Really beats trying to keep a gas chainsaw running and so much quieter! I like the brake feature so the chains stops immediately when the switch is released.sme1974
No more cord to pull !
Wow, I was skeptical about an electric chain saw, but I was tired of pulling on the cord of my gas powered saw. Each year it had to go to the repair shop for something; it was just a money pit! My Sun Joe assembled easily and was a charm to use. I had just as much power and cut from this unit as my gas powered. It was used twice in the first month I received it and works wonderful. Thanks !Wee Willie
Great saw!
I really like this chain saw. I had a smaller 14" saw which was limited by a bar guard on the end. This saw uses an anti-kickback chain so no bar end guard. I was able to cut down a 22" tree easily. Of course, the chain was new and sharp so it cut quickly. Nice and quiet and easy to start compared to gas powered saws. Nice safety mechanisms with a kickback disconnect (which, thankfully, I did not need) and some kind of chain clutch so the chain stops immediately when the switch opens.Mark

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