Greenworks G-MAX Li-Ion 2Ah Battery 29462

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Brand Name Greenworks
Model 29462
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The gas-alternative Greenworks G-MAX Li-Ion 2Ah Battery provides an earth-friendly energy source for your lawn tools. This interchangeable battery offers longer run time, higher performance, and a quick charge time. It features a simple snap on and off design for easy use. (HNG077-1)

Greenworks G-MAX Li-Ion 2Ah Battery 29462Greenworks G-MAX Li-Ion 2Ah Battery 29462
Greenworks G-MAX Li-Ion 2Ah Battery 29462
Works G-MAX 40-Volt 2AH Lithium-Ion Battery:Compatible only with Greenworks G-MAX tools (sold separately)Superior power and performance offering fade-free power with no memory loss
Simple and easy to use
Snaps in and out of tool easily with battery charge indicator lights for power level check
Charge time: 60 minutes2-year warranty
Model# 29462

 Customer Reviews

Lithium Ion Battery
I like the ease of using my lawnmower and or snow blower without having to use gas and or plug in to electricity. I've found that the stop and start will quickly drain the battery. I have purchased 2 of the same battery so as to always have a back-up charged and ready to use.Catstoy
40 Volt battery enhances GW tool line-up
The 40V 2.0 Ah battery is a reasonably priced addition to your Greenworks tool line - up. I have a 40 V blower, string trimmer, hedge trimmer, and tree pruner. This battery works seemlessly with all 4 tools, provides powerful, long-term power, is easy to swap out and is a perfect addition to my Greenworks collection.Bob PA
Great Price
Because of manufacturer recommendations, lithium-ion batteries should not be too warm when put in the charger, and the ambient temperature should not be below 40 F,; therefore, having a spare battery increases one's productivity. Walmart's price is much better than Amazons's or any other web based company.Brazos

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