Black Max Chainsaw Tune-Up Kit

Brand Name Black Max
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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Prepare yourself for the season ahead with the BlackMax Chainsaw Tune-Up Kit. This kit conveniently combines the most commonly needed items to maintain your equipment–and fits most gas-powered chainsaw brands. You’ll find the parts are easy to install. You’ll also find quality replacements for those parts most susceptible to wear and tear during use, such as a spark plug, a primer bulb, a fuel filter and an air filter. With this tune-up kit, you’ll prolong the life of your gas-powered chainsaw. Not only that, but you’ll also save yourself time and money by reducing large scale repairs often incurred by not properly maintaining equipment.

Black Max Chainsaw Tune-Up KitBlack Max Chainsaw Tune-Up KitBlack Max Chainsaw Tune-Up KitBlack Max Chainsaw Tune-Up KitBlack Max Chainsaw Tune-Up Kit
Black Max Chainsaw Tune-Up Kit
Designed for chainsaw maintenance All parts easy to install Compatible with Black
Max 37cc & 38cc chainsaws Includes spark plug, primer bulb, fuel filter & air filter 30 Day Warranty

 Customer Reviews

Fits Most 38cc Chainsaws
This is a generic chainsaw kit. It comes with standard sparkplug, primer bulb, fuel filter and air filter. This will fit all 38cc chainsaws. I got it primarily for the sparkplug and primer bulb. These are handy to have if you use your chainsaw often enough that it requires a yearly or semi-annual tune up.tvs75
Time saver
The Chainsaw Tune-Up Kit is just what we needed. Gone are the days of me having to take our chainsaw in to get tuned up. With this set I can save time and money and do it myself. The set includes 1spark plug, primer bulb, air filter & fuel filter. After carefully following the instructions in the manual that comes included I was able to perform the tune up myself. I would highly recommend this to anyone with a chainsaw that needs a tunaSk6760
Excellent product!
Generally to make minor repairs to my chainsaws I would have to go to several different stores, and at times I would have to order the parts online. However this product includes most of the parts I needed to tune up my chainsaw...even down to the primer bulb and air filter. The cost of this product is well within expectations of all of the parts together. I would even say that this product is a slightly price than purchasing the parts separately. I recomme this product to everyone.Arti27884