Black Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle Engine

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Brand Name Black Max
Model BM5020
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Looking for a heavy duty saw ideal for fulfilling your medium-heavy duty cutting needs? If so, then the Blackmax 20-inch 50cc Chainsaw is the ideal chainsaw for you. In addition to cutting logs of firewood, this chainsaw can be used for felling medium-sized trees, clearing through brush and clearing up storm damage. The 50cc engine has a maximum cut diameter of 18-inch, ensuring you are able to make your cuts without breaking a sweat. As the name suggests this Blackmax tool comes with a 20-inch bar and chain. It also has an automatic oiler that releases oil to extend the life of the chain. The side access chain tensioning allows you to make easy adjustments. An anti-vibration system provides increased user comfort during extended periods of use. Includes: 20-inch Chainsaw, 2-cycle engine lubricant, deluxe carry case, combination wrench, scabbard and operator’s manual.

Black Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle Engine
Black Max 20-inch Gas Chainsaw 50cc 2-Cycle Engine
50cc engine for faster cutting Anti-vibration system for increased user comfort Automatic oiler extends bar & chain life Tool-less filter cover for hassle-free operation Side access chain tensioning for easy adjustments 20-inch bar Fully assembled

 Customer Reviews

My First Chainsaw
Black Max 20inch 50cc Chain saw is quite impressive. This is my first chainsaw and as a middle-aged woman, it isn't intimidating to use. The Black Max comes with a thick plastic case to protect and store chainsaw when not being used. I had no difficulties opening and removing the chainsaw from the case. A small container of Ethanol Shield cycle oil and screwdriver were included in the package.
This chainsaw weighs about 20lbs, which is a good weight for me to handle. I appreciate the clarity of the instruction manual. Not only did it have easy-to-follow instructions; it also illustrates with pictures to understand where each part of the machine is located. I was able to follow the instruction without being confused about what needed to be done to operate this piece of machinery. The instruction on how much gasoline and lubricant was straightforward. The manual also has instructions about operation and maintenance.
When I started up this chainsaw for the first time, it felt good to handle. I didn't feel overwhelmed or intimated by the size, weight, or strength of the machine. I was able to chop branches without any problems.
I needed a chainsaw to cut tree branches that fall after a storm and trimming the trees. I am satisfied with this chainsaw and would recommend it to other people.Itchyeye021
Works great
Soon as this came in. It was put to work. Since we do alot of yard work.
We kept it going all day. It never missed a lock. It came with everything that was needed.
Of course minus the gas. Certainly made our job go alot faster. Wood work looks much nicer
N smooth. Considering we have had to use an axe!! Btw.. this one is a 20inch bar.Tiff
big enough for cutting trees
i like that the black max 50 cc 20 in gas chainsaw is big enough to cut a tree or large branches. it comes with a carrying case, with a handle, the blade has a nice plastic cover to protect the blade. it is gas powered, so no electrical cords getting in your way. has a safety switch, so when you let go of the gas , the blade stops turning. will enjoy this hopefully for years to come.sherylsb

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