Black Max 16-inch Gas Chainsaw 38cc 2-Cycle Engine

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Brand Name Black Max
Model BM3716
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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This powerful Black Max 2-Cycle 16-inch Chainsaw is a great solution for all your cutting needs. Loaded with a 38cc engine, this chainsaw provides all the power you need to get even the toughest jobs done. This chainsaw is also lightweight and features an anti-vibe system for increased user comfort. It comes fully assembled so that you can tackle those jobs right away. The featured automatic oiler extends the bar and chain life and the chain brake and tip guard provide safer operation. Includes 16-inch fully assembled chainsaw, 2-cycle engine lubricant, combination wrench, scabbard, and operator manual.

Black Max 16-inch Gas Chainsaw 38cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 16-inch Gas Chainsaw 38cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 16-inch Gas Chainsaw 38cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 16-inch Gas Chainsaw 38cc 2-Cycle EngineBlack Max 16-inch Gas Chainsaw 38cc 2-Cycle Engine
Black Max 16-inch Gas Chainsaw 38cc 2-Cycle Engine
Key Features38cc Engine for Ultimate Power
Automatic Oiler Extends Bar and Chain Life
Lightweight and Smooth Operation
Anti-Vibe System for Increased User Comfort
Chain Brake and Tip Guard for Safer Operation
Side Access Chain Tensioning for Easy Adjustment
Includes: 16" Fully Assembled Chainsaw, 2-Cycle Engine Lubricant, Combination Wrench, Scabbard, and Operator's Manual
Specs: Engine: 38cc 2-Cycle, 16" Bar, Chain: 3/8" Low Profile, Chain Gauge: .050"

 Customer Reviews

Worth buying
Great saw for after storm clean up. A little challenging to start but runs and cuts smooth. Good size, plus guard on tip is a nice safety feature for inexperienced users.Andrea
Good value, Great machine
I live in a rural area of southern West Virginia on about 30 acres of woods. I need a chainsaw primarily for cutting up dead trees and clearing storm damage. My old chainsaw died after cutting a lot of wood and it was time to get a new one. After reading the reviews online, I purchased this chainsaw at Walmart yesterday. I spent the afternoon pouring over the manual I downloaded from the product page at, which gives more detailed information than the paper manual that comes with it. I tried the chainsaw out this morning and found that, of all the different models I have owned, it is the easiest to use. It started up with very few pulls and cut through some fairly large logs like a hot knife through butter. The controls are ergonomically placed and the machine is well balanced, making precise cutting very controllable. I was able to carve out a channel to place one log on top of another to form a bench. I like the nose guard and it will definitely help with cutting stumps close to the ground. Its also a benefit having an included chain shroud, which makes carrying it safer. I included the saw in the pictures to give a sense of scale.CritterMan
Great features, great price
The Black Max 38 cc 2Cycle Chain Saw has great features. The non vibration feature is great when using this chain saw for an extended period of time. Our hands didnt get tored when cutting and taking down bamboo trees. The safer system, the brake is a great feature for quick shut off. The plastic sleeve for.rhe chain, I will reused when storing. This isnliggt weight in comparison to other models. The size is perfect for cutting down trees. Well built amd sturdy. Did need too much gas to get our bamboo tree down, cut it down fast. Fits good in the hand.Gargo

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