Echo CS-310 Gas Chainsaw


The power and durability of a chainsaw make quick work of a multitude of cutting jobs, from big to small. The efficiency, flexibility, and strength of a power saw have made it a popular tool for woodsmen and homeowners alike. When shopping for a chainsaw, there are several factors to keep in mind. Is it easy to use? Well built? Dependable to start? The Echo CS-310 chainsaw with 14″ bar answers yes to all these questions, and it boasts even more attractive features.

Why The Echo CS-310 Chainsaw?

For a chainsaw made by a company with lots of experience creating superior engine designs, look to Echo chainsaws. Their CS-310 design has everything you need to cut through your power saw jobs. The CS-310 offers a professionally designed, lightweight machine that is ready to tackle all your needs. Why are Echo designs so popular with professional chainsaw users? Because they excel in the areas most important to the consumer: power and ease of use. The CS-310 was built to take on the toughest jobs, while reducing strain on the handler.

The Echo CS-310 Design

Echo CS-310 DesignWant to cut through wood like a knife through butter? The Echo CS-310’s powerful engine is something to consider. When you hold an Echo CS-310 in your hands, you have the reliable power of a 30.5 cc Power Boost Vortex™ Engine at the tips of your fingers, and no job is beyond your capability. How many chainsaws can give you that type of confidence?

With all that power behind it, you may think the Echo CS-310 is hard to start, but with your convenience in mind, Echo created this series with an I-30™ starting system, which will reduce your starting effort by 30 percent.

Echo CS-310 Features:

The Echo CS-310 has an array of professional-grade features, with a 14″ bar length, all packaged in a lightweight design.

  • 30.5 cc Power Boost Vortex™ Engine — Provides reliable power
  • Top-Mounted Air Filter — Turned away from muck and wood chips for better filtering
  • i-30™ Technology — Cuts down on opening effort by 30 percent
  • Dual-Post Chain Brake Handle — Increases durability
  • Automatic Oil System — Provides flawless lubrication

There are other convenient features of the Echo CS-310:
+ Automatic adjustable oiler
+ Inertia-type chain brake
+ Lanyard ring

The designers of the Echo CS-310 paid attention to detail while crafting this fine power saw. This series is fitted with a dual-post chain brake for increased persistence and endurance. This chainsaw will go as long as you can. No need to stop work due to a faulty or weakening saw. Another great feature is the CS-310′s oil delivery system, which allows for optimum lubrication at all times. Want more? The top-mounted air filtration system is directed away from debris and dirt particles for better draining. The Echo CS-310 really is a well-thought-out machine.

Echo CS-310 Specifications:

  • Engines Displacement (cc in.) — 1.86
  • Carburetor — Diaphragms
  • Electronic Ignition (Pro-Fire) — Standard
  • Ignitions System — Digital
  • Oiling Systems — Automatic
  • Chain Brake (Inertia-type) — Standard
  • Standard Bar Length (in.) — 14
  • Capacity of Fuel Fluid (oz.) — 8.5
  • Capacity of Oil Fluid (oz.) — 8.8
  • Dry Weight lbs. (kg.) — 8.8

From logging and felling, to cutting tree limbs and large amounts of shrubbery, the Echo CS-310 was made to undertake the most demanding jobs. With exceptional stabilization, wielding the power of the CS-310 is no problem. When using this machine, you will experience perfect control at all times, with the vibration cutback design making for an even friendlier-to-use saw.
Echo CS-310 Saw
The Echo CS-310 was made both for homeowners with extensive numbers of small trees or shrubbery on their land, and for professional loggers operating in the forest—as well as everyone in between. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you can get accomplished with this small chainsaw. In fact, the smaller design comes in handy when trying to reach those pesky overhead limbs. With heavier saws, this type of angle-cutting can put a major strain on your arms and back, but, as in many other areas, the Echo CS-310 excels.

The Echo CS-310 is a small machine that packs a big punch. This bright orange-red, powerful saw has the power to perform when called upon. Make this your next choice for a reliable chainsaw, and you will experience firsthand the power of the CS-310.