Earthwise CCS30008 18-Volt 8-Inch Cordless Chain Saw


The Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw is certainly a beauty and also a handy device. Not only this best chainsaw product is very helpful in operation, but it’s also pleasing to the eyes. The design is attractive, with modern and contemporary feel. Long gone the classic or old-looking chainsaw when people decide to buy this device.

Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw Specs and Features :

When people decide to buy the Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw, they can always expect the best from it. After all, this best chainsaw is designed and created with the purpose to provide easy operation and the best performance of great chainsaw product. The advantages of using the chainsaw are:

  • It comes with automatic oiling for all the important parts; the chain, the motor, and the bar. So users won’t need to worry about maintenance issue, when they forget to oil the important elements. They don’t need to take care of it since the device is able to take care of everything by its own.
  • Since it’s a cordless chainsaw, users will be free from any hassles and complicated usage. They won’t need to worry that they might trip or fall down due to the cords placement because such thing won’t ever happen.
  • The chainsaw is also safe because the tip of the blade is covered with plastic so it won’t harm anyone, even when it’s not used.
  • The handle of the device is convenient and comfy to use since it’s designed with rubber cover. The ergonomic design makes the users have good and tireless operation because the device won’t tire the arms.
  • The device is chargeable. With 18 volt power, the device is easily charged when it runs out of power. It’s able to run more than 3 hours without experiencing any overheat issue.
  • The device is affordable and quite low.

Earthwise CCS30008 18-Volt 8-Inch Cordless Chain Saw Review :

Most people who have bought and tried the Earthwise CCS30008 Cordless Chain Saw say that the device is great and satisfying. One of them is a 50 year old woman who has never used any chainsaw before and the chainsaw is proven to be light and handy. Although she was quite intimidated at first but then she was relaxed when she found out that the device isn’t a threat. They all think that the device is handy and quite helpful.

However, despite all the great performances, this device has several downsides. Some people are put off with the less power issue. For them, this device doesn’t provide strong and reliable power, unlike what they’ve thought previously. When compared to previous chainsaw these people have, this device’s power performance is quite weak. But this downside is known and recognized by people who have been quite familiar with chainsaw. Another downside is that the manual doesn’t provide much help at all. But these downsides are considered quite minor and most users don’t have much problem with it. They still think that the device is helpful and handy.