Black & Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw


The Black & Decker Cordless Chain Saw LCS120 will provide the best experience in cutting woods, lumbar, or logs. Cutting things will never be much fun that this anymore! This device is considered as one of the best chainsaw products in the world. After looking at the whole design and experiencing the smooth operation, it’s no wonder that the device is considered as one of the best.

Black & Decker LCS120 Features and Specs :

If people want to be able to cut almost everything in stylish way, they can think about having the Black & Decker Cordless Chain Saw LCS120 within their inventory. The device gets its reputation as one of the best chainsaw products in the world not for nothing. It’s the combination of stylish look and great performance. With only black and orange color, the device looks ‘manly” and masculine. When using the device, people can get various advantages, such as:

  • The device is running on battery and not gas, so it won’t pollute the surrounding air. Thanks to the Lithium Ion Mac 20 volt battery, the device has long life span. It’s also capable to hold more power, up to 5x bigger than the regular Nicd batteries.
  • The device is light; with total weight around 8 pounds. Since it’s light, it’s comfortable to use and easy to control and maneuver.
  • The device is equipped with wrap around handle that will provide different options of gripping and holding positions. Users won’t easily get tired when they have to operate the device for long period of time.
  • Thanks to Lock off System switch, the device is completely safe. This protective system prevents any accidental possibility of starting off immediately and suddenly. It’s also equipped with vinyl sheath so that the saw blades can be covered and protected while not in use.
  • The device gets energy star rating which means that it saves lots of energy and also makes sure that the device can run for longer period of time.

Black & Decker LCS120 Reviews :

People who have purchased this Black & Decker Cordless Chain Saw LCS120 mostly say that they don’t regret buying this device at all. It’s proven to be handy and helpful. They mostly like the lightweight feature and its compact design. They like the great power performance. Most of them previously had bigger and good chainsaw, and this device is able to deliver the same great performance despite the small and lightweight features.

However, some of them are disappointed to find out that there is no additional battery for the device. The only problem they have when operating the device is that they don’t want to stop! They just want to use the device over and over again. Some of them even equip themselves with additional battery so that they can have continuous and fun cutting moments with this powerful chainsaw.