Sun Joe SWJ700E Electric Chain Saw | 16 inch | 14.0 Amp

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Brand Name Sun Joe
Model SWJ700E
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CUT BACK ON GAS! Take a pass on gas and choose the one chain saw that’s a cut above the competition. Introducing a greener, cleaner way to maintain your yard and garden with the Sun Joe® SWJ700E Electric Chain Saw. Sun Joe's powerful 14-amp electric motor makes light work of loads of limbs and logs, and easily slices through thick brush and branches up to 15.5 inches thick. Quickly cut a cord of wood, collect a load of logs, or prune a pine tree with the simple push of a button. Premium features include a safety switch to prevent accidental starting, and a safety handguard with kick-back brake function. And at just under 10 lbs, the SWJ700E is designed for maximum maneuverability around the yard or garden, without the need for gas. So, why lug a jug of gas when you can Go With JOE®? SUN JOE Model SWJ700E comes with a full two-year warranty.

Sun Joe SWJ700E Electric Chain Saw | 16 inch | 14.0 AmpSun Joe SWJ700E Electric Chain Saw | 16 inch | 14.0 AmpSun Joe SWJ700E Electric Chain Saw | 16 inch | 14.0 Amp
Sun Joe SWJ700E Electric Chain Saw | 16 inch | 14.0 Amp
Premium 16 in. Oregon bar chain  Powerful 14-amp motor cuts branches up to 15.5 in. thick Ideal for trimming and pruning limbs and branchesSafety handguard with kickback brake functionSafety switch prevents accidental starting Automatic chain lubrication system Maintenance free Full 2-year warranty; CSA approved 
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 Customer Reviews

Very Trouble Free
I'm building a straw bale house and using chain saws to trim and notch straw bales. I have 2 chainsaws, a corded SunJoe, and a cordless Stihl. Thge SunJoe has been trouble free, and requires much less cleaning and adjustment than the Stihl. The whole crew has fallen in love with the SunJoe.Lemon Cove
Very nice product
Very Durable used it for over three hours first time I've used this worked well. Had to tighten the chain a few times but other than that very good productLumberjack
Like a warm knife through butter
I purchased the Sun Joe Electric Chain saw to do bigger jobs than my pole saw or other electric smaller saws. I hate gas saws since they have always given me problems or have not worked at all after a short period. This saw, though a bit heavy, was not really uncomfortable nor difficult to handle. It went through 8 to 10 inch trees and limbs like a warm knife through butter. I have only used it a couple of times and hope that it lasts a long time. I can only say, at this point, I am very happy with it.tooth18

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