Onn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV Antenna

Brand Name onn.
Model ONA16AV002
Rating ★★★¾☆ 
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Treat yourself to free high-definition TV with the ONN Indoor Easy-Adjust Antenna. Ditch expensive cable and continue viewing your favorite local shows in full 1080p high definition at no cost. Enhanced reception and perfect signal for local programming make the antenna the ideal counterpart to streaming your favorite digital content. The unique design complements your home theater setup while the sleek black finish seamlessly fits in with your television and other electronics. Achieve optimal picture and sound quality with the ability to tilt, twist and swivel the antenna for fine tuning of your reception. Even if youâre not ready to completely cut the cord, HD antennas are a reliable supplement to your cable or satellite subscription. When severe weather disrupts service, stay informed with a backup plan to access important local broadcasts. When the antenna is not in use, the foldable loop and dipoles allow for easy storage. Be ready for information or entertainment with the ONN Indoor Easy-Adjust Antenna.

Onn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV AntennaOnn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV AntennaOnn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV AntennaOnn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV AntennaOnn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV AntennaOnn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV AntennaOnn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV Antenna
Onn Indoor Easy-Adjust TV Antenna
Provides full 1080p HD programming to receive full benefit of high-definition TVsReceives HDTV, VHF, UHF and FM signals to maximize available channelsEasily tilts, twists and swivels to fine tune your receptionSuperior signal provides reliable connectionStay updated and entertained with free local TV channelsWorks with all brands of HDTVs and analog televisions for universal viewingLoop and dipoles fold for convenient, low-profile storage1-year limited warranty provides peace of mind

 Customer Reviews

Works great. Excellent picture. Great value
Great picture. Easy to set up. And only $15Suwaneegal79
Works good.
Works good. I live in the forest and I can pick up the basic stations.Noel
It Works For Me!
I live in a hilly area and got this in the Walmart store. After hooking it up and doing a scan I got 4 channels. It WAS easy to adjust. One was my local channel. The picture quality and sound was excellent. Decided to get the super hyped $40 plus flat antenna to see if I could get more channels. Really difficult to find the right location and adjust for reception. Was only able to get 3 channels and they'd freeze or stutter. Returned this antenna and put the cheap Onn rabbit ears antenna back on the TV. Living in the hills and far from the TV transmitter probably 4 channels is the most I'll get. But I'm completely satisfied with the channels, picture, sound and especially the low price of these rabbit ears.Penjack

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