Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper 4.5 amp Electric Chain Saw

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When people want to have easy and safe experience in cutting the logs or branches, they can think about buying the Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Electric Chain Saw, which will deliver the best performance ever. This chainsaw is considered as one of the best chainsaw products ever created. Forget the manual work of cutting everything with regular saw. This device is a great tool for people who need handy aid when dealing with cutting.

Black & Decker LP1000 Specs and Features :

When people use the Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Electric Chain Saw, they can always expect the best performance and safe operation. This device is designed with great precision, so that it’s suitable to use by professional wood cutters or people who never operate any chainsaw before. It’s no wonder that this chainsaw is considered as one of the best chainsaw products ever created because it’s definitely helpful and people can get lots of benefits and advantages from it.

  • The chainsaw is running on electricity, not gas, so it’s very safe to use since it won’t produce any gas emission that can pollute the surrounding air.
  • The chainsaw is light, small, and compact. With weight of 6.5 pounds, the device is surely a handy device.
  • Thanks to the 4.5 amp motor, the device is strong and powerful. When used for cutting and trimming, users can be sure that the end result will be great because the whole operation and use is very easy.
  • The device is equipped with Alligator Lopper jaw design that will control the cutting. It’s also covered with metal guard that will shut off once the cut is complete so users are completely safe and protected.
  • It’s quite affordable.
  • The design is easy and comfortable. Users can make adjustment easily by loosening the bolts on the bar retainer and then make the necessary adjustment.

Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Lopper Review :

Most Black & Decker LP1000 Alligator Electric Chain Saw users are satisfied with the overall performance of the device. They like the fact that the device is running on electricity so they won’t be affected by the gas emission. The electricity features is also beneficial since the motor engine is soft, when compared with the gas motor. They’re also thrilled that the chainsaw is portable, also like the facts that it’s very safe since the blade is always covered when not used so they can be sure that it won’t hurt anyone. So far, there’s no complaint concerning this device. So, it’s pretty safe to say that this device is proven to be helpful and handy.

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 Customer Reviews

Does more than they advertise
I used a neighbor's and liked it so well I suggested it as a present for myself. You can actually cut through branches more than 4 inches in diameter by cutting from more than one side of the branch. You should normally be able to cut through branches at least six inches in diameter using this method.Pastorm
Great for medium sized jobs and lightweight
I bought this Alligator Looper for my friend as he and his friends kepto boring mine . I bought my Alligator Looper 27 years ago and it's still on the go.Nonothinever
Amazing Tool
Bought the alligator after reading the reviews. I am so glad I did. I've already gotten my money's worth removing some very stubborn shrubs and vines. As long as I remove any tree branches before they get larger than 4", I'll be able to avoid hundreds of dollars in tree trimming costs. Being a 40 something woman, I would never use a real chainsaw. The design provides safety features that reduce some of the risks associated with normal chainsaws, and it's so easy to use. It cut through oak like butter. I also have some bamboo that I've broken several manual saws (and my back) trying to keep in check. I finally feel in control of my landscape, and the work is done in a fraction of the time. Being a loper style allows you to thin out shrubs- cutting only the branches you want. I've given this tool a serious workout and the chain has not come off once. You have to tighten frequently at first, and clean out frequently when cutting vines and bunches of small branches. Overall - Easy to use, easy to maintain, good value. I LOVE IT!FLgina
Perfect for Woman to use
I bought this because I needed to cut branches off of trees that were bigger than what my shears would cut. I do not own a regular chainsaw and wouldn't even know how to use it. Plus they are very heavy. This one is very lightweight and easy to use at any angle. I absolutely love it. This is a great tool for any woman or man to have. Easy to store also.wvcntrygrl
A very good product
I used this product yesterday for the first time. It was the best tool I have ever used. I am a tiny women and was afraid to use the normal style chain saw or deal with gasoline. This product is excellent for the electric cord and I felt comfortable using it, not too heavy, small enough for me to handle and did a fantastic cutting job. I can't believe the size of tree I could cut down and so quickly.
Thank you to who ever invented it.
alligator loppers
I've owned one for about 10 yrs same one....i live in a woods in East TX husband is disabled I have all the work on 21 acres alone this corded loppers is one of my go to tools I have boisdarc and honey locusts trees I'm always cutting a tree vine or something more than got my money's worth and I can work on it!!!!! I'm 62lazyj
Great tool
Great tool for Home Owner to cut up fallen Branchs use it and put it away.
with chain inclosed and the 2nd bar holding the small branch it very very fast to cut up downed branchs and so much safeer than a open bar chain sawTommy Tool
great product
My Dad let me borrow his. I kept it over a year. He had to come take it. I loved it so much my husband bought me one for Mothers Day. I love it! We are lucky we still have trees standing. LOL!Linda F
Design makes total sense! Design and development group nailed this product. Anyone with trees and shrubbery on their property will benefit from having this. A word of caution, you may have a difficulty getting it back from your neighbor.DualHogs
This was listed as new. When it arrived you could clearly tell it was used. The box was barely held together with tape. There was a big area of one side that was cut off. The product itself was so dirty. Very disappointing, will never buy from this company again. Not planning on buying through anymore either.Jamie

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